We are specialists in the preparation of official exams, like Escuela Oficial de Idiomas exams as well as Cambridge exams and the new Oxford Test of English.

Our task is based on the following points:

Pre-testing: Our students prepare these exams during the whole course and they can value whether they are ready to take them by doing some Pre-testing exams, during the lessons.

If the pupil is under 18, there is a personal meeting with the parents to give them advice on the best option and the best time for their children to take the exam.

Preparation lessons: There is also an option to come to exam preparation lessons, which are free for our students. In this lessons specialized teachers, native and/or titled, will prepare the students for the different parts of the exam by working with material published for these preparations.

We are recognised as a Examiner Center of the Oxford Test of English by the University of Oxford and a Preparation Centre by the University of Cambridge, as we prepare more than 500 students every year for these exams.

Enrolment: If you want us to enrol you to any of these exams mentioned above, we can do it for you and provide all the information about the different dates. 

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